Our values define who we are and how we interact with our people and customers. The enduring principles that guide every course of our action are our core values:

Teamwork: We create a framework for synergies.
To harness synergies, we create a win-win proposition for all our members.

Respect: Reverence is a state of our collective thoughts.
To promote harmony and prosperity, we create a sense of reverence for our members and the community at large.

Integrity: We stand by our words.
Integrity is the supreme principle followed by Rastgar.

Commitment: We keep our promises.
To uphold our reputation and honour, we think and act with conviction to deliver on our commitments. 

Proactive: We drive to initiate.
We rely on self-initiative and we remain change oriented. We anticipate customer’s needs and provide a complete solution.
  Ethics: We feel responsible for our community.
To be just and to be a guiding light for future generations, we act in accordance with social responsibility, human rights, and business ethics.