Interview Tips

What we look for in a Job Interview

1. Research 
It is essential that you do some background research on Rastgar and the job before you walk in that door. We will expect you to know a little about the industry and the company and will be impressed if you are familiar with specific events, news and concerns relating to the business. 

2. Be Prepared 
You can bring with you examples of your work e.g. past creative work, published article in a journal, a project that you have done on self initiative basis, volunteered your skills for someone etc. It shows you are proactive and have a positive attitude towards work. 

3. Dress for Success 
Your first Interview is the first impression we will have of you and it is essential to make a favorable first impact. You should dress formally with a clean and well-groomed look for the interview, even if the job involves casual wear.

4. Be Punctual 
Individual's character is assessed by the promises he keeps and commitments he honors. Make sure you arrive for the Interview on time. Allow yourself plenty of time for any potential mishaps e.g. traffic jams, unclear directions, public transportation difficulties etc. 

5. Attitude Counts 
We like people with positive, consistent, and inspiring attitude. Interview is the time to display your interpersonal skills and may give us a glimpse of your attitude. We are looking for certain key character traits and you need to demonstrate them at the Interview. Be accurate in terms of your actual capabilities. Being quiet would not help. Smile, be respectful, and speak with confidence. 
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