Rastgar Engineering has been producing high quality castings and wheel hubs for the automotive sector since 50 years. We specialise in ductile and grey iron castings, ranging from 2Kg - 45Kg. Our proficient foundry team produces finest castings through latest molding and casting machinery. Our skilled staff, foundry expertise, and years of industry experience enable us to provide world class iron castings to our valuable customers.

Equipped with high pressure moulding lines and induction melting, we have a capacity of 9,000 tons/year. We are competent to produce patterns and prototypes as per customer’s requirements. We have established quality systems at every step to ensure defect free castings. Other facilities include:
  • High Pressure Moulding Line from Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS)
  • Eirich Sand System                                          
  • Metal Treatment by Sandwich Process                             
  • Metallurgical Quality Control
  • Core Shop (Fordath, Roperwerk, Vogel & Schemmann)
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection
  • Impact testing at -30°C
  • Chemical and Mechanical Testing
  • Shot-blast and Tumb-blast Machines

Spheroidal Graphite Iron (Ductile Iron)
At Rastgar, SG/Ductile Iron Castings are manufactured in accordance with the European Standard EN 1563:1997; our ductile iron grades are mentioned below:
Mechanical Properties
Grade Tensile Strength (Rm) 
MPa min.
0.2% proof stress (Rp0.2)
MPa min.
Elongation (A) 
% min.
EN-GJS-400-18-LT* 400 240 18
EN-GJS-400-18-RT* 400 250 18
EN-GJS-400-18 400 250 18
EN-GJS-400-15 400 250 15
EN-GJS-450-10 450 310 10
EN-GJS-500-7 500 320 7
EN-GJS-600-3 600 370 3
EN-GJS-700-2 700 420 2
EN-GJS-800-2 800 480 2
EN-GJS-900-2 900 600 2
*LT for low temperature
*RT for room temperature
Minimum impact resistance values measured on V-notched test pieces machined from separately cast samples.
Grade Minimum impact resistance values (in J)
Mean value from 3 sets Individual Value Temperature
EN-GJS-400-18-LT* 12 9 -20+/-2°C
EN-GJS-400-18-RT* 14 11 23+/-5°C
Grey Iron
Our Grey Iron castings are also manufactured in accordance with the European Standard EN 1561:1997; our grey iron grades are mentioned below:
Tensile Strength in separately cast sample
Grade Rm MPa min
EN-GJL-150 150
EN-GJL-200 200
EN-GJL-250 250